The CAP Code and Royalty: Marketing Royalty Ethically

The CAP have released a new set of rules on using the Royals in your markketing ethically, they released the following information on their site: On 20 November 2017, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary, with the Royal Mint creating a commemorative platinum coin to mark the occasion. In other royal news, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge recently announced that they are expecting their third child, due in 2018. While marketers may be tempted to link their ad campaigns to these occasions, they…

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Interview with Mark Hughes of Space City Productions

Today we have an interview with Mark Hughes, Marketing Assistant of Space City Productions. We first encountered Space City Productions when they worked with the British Heart Foundation on one of their latest ads. We wanted to ask these creatives their thoughts on ethical marketing. For those people who do not know you could you explain a bit about yourself and your background? I am an aspiring journalist and politician, with a long-term aim to take my knowledge of communications into the political sphere. Having graduated from the University of…

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4 Unethical Marketing Practices You Need To Avoid! by Scarlett Erin

When one starts a company, either online or in real life, many have hopes of striking it rich. However, not everyone wants to make money honestly using hard work, not everyone has what it takes to be successful solely through ethical marketing practices. This is exactly why many people start engaging in unethical marketing practices. The goal here may be to trick customers into buying more, shutting out their competition, or simply enhancing their own name in some way. If the process is not strictly honest, the company may be…

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Co-op Food’s Mother’s Day campaign helps daughter surprise her mum

Co-op Mothers

The Co-operative’s new ad for Mothers Day stars real-life mum and daughter June and Emma.  The strapline for the campaign is “Make your Mother’s Day”,  and it’ll be supported by digital display, social media, press, out of home and in-store activity.  The ad was devised by Co-op and the agency Forever Beta. Jemima Bird, Customer Director at Co-op, said: “We know that what mums really care about is spending quality time with their family and food plays such an important role in this. Whether it be a family meal or…

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Cancer Research UK launches “Because of You” Mother’s Day campaign

cancer researck uk

Cancer Research UK has launched a new campaign to thank its 1.1million regular supporters and spread the message that, ‘Because of you’, mums are still sharing special every day moments right now. The “Because of you” campaign is aimed at supporters of the charity, which says donations have directly increased survival rates from one in four to two in four for ten years or more – meaning “thousands of mums are still being mum right now.”  A team of incredible women who have been treated for cancer captured their own…

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