Teenage Cancer Trust and RAW London launch Gamer Girl Video

Teenage Cancer Trust and Raw London have released a new video to raise awareness. The brand new film features Ellie, 16, who was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in 2015. It depicts her cancer experience through gaming, as her avatar battles through the rounds of the game whilst talking about her own cancer journey.

The film highlights the devastating effect that cancer can have on a young person’s body and their life. Going through a brutal treatment regime, missing out on school and time with friends, worrying about the effect on friends and family … And it doesn’t just stop when treatment ends. Young people can experience a range of long-term side effects like fatigue, fertility issues and the fear of relapse.

The Teenage Cancer Trust told us: “Having cancer when you’re young poses specific challenges, which is why young people need specialised nursing and emotional support. Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity to meet this critical need – but right now we can only offer this support to half of young people with cancer.

We need more nurses. With your support, we can make sure that every young person has access to the nursing and support they desperately need.”

Ellie, 16, said: “The Teenage Cancer Trust nurse offered me lots of support which was so useful as my diagnosis hit my family hard and we were all at a low ebb. Being on the Teenage Cancer Trust unit was great as I got to meet other young people with cancer who I could relate to.”  

Chloe George, Content Manager for the Teenage Cancer Trust told us:   “We produced the content to create brand awareness about Teenage Cancer Trust for use during our Virgin Money London Marathon partnership, and beyond. It was a rare opportunity to amplify our brand to a whole new audience, so we needed to create something that helped people understand exactly what Teenage Cancer Trust does, and why that’s important.

“We worked with specialist branded content agency Raw London to develop a concept, and then a film that blends live action with animated elements to convey our work and its importance, in a brand style that “feels” Teenage Cancer Trust. It was really important for us to tell Ellie’s story in an authentic way, not by giving her scripted messages, so the script was based on interviews we did with her.”        




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