Thank you for our first year

Well, this week Ethical Marketing News turned 1. It’s been an interesting year where I’ve learned a lot, met some great people and am so grateful so many people seem to find this useful. We have went from 3800 visitors in our first month to over 25, 000 a month now, from 11,000 monthly page impressions to over 100,000 now.

We now also have an archive of over 1,200 articles and news story and are the number 1 ethical marketing news resource.

So thank you, thanks to all of the marketing companies who have sent me articles and been kind. Thanks to those who have taken out adverts or donated to the site to help keep it going, it’s all very much appreciated as I run and subsidise this site myself, and your help allows me to spend the time I need to keep the site going, and hopefully improving. Thanks to those who have been kind enough to answer my questions in interviews and to anyone who has commented on articles or emailed me.

My hope this year is still to look at creating an Ethical Marketing News Ethical Marketing Awards, but am still looking for sponsorship for the awards but I iwll keep you posted on this. I would like to improve, feature more, and as we get better known hopefully we will become a first step for anyone who has an ethical campaign to send through stuff.

So thanks to everyone and most especially, you, the readers, people who have paid attention to what I’ve written, critiqued it, and hopefully been inspired or learn’t from it, and here’s hoping the next year will be as interesting and exciting.

Thank you,


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