The Last Day Pass: Serviceplan Campaign X Partners with LAAX Ski Resort on Creative Solution to Prevent 3 April 2056 Being the Last Ever Ski Day at Vorab Glacier

3 April 2056 could be the last possible ski day on the Vorab Glacier: this frightening prediction comes from the calculations of ETH Zurich, based on their so-called glacier model and taking into account current CO2 emissions. In order to postpone this day as far as possible, Serviceplan Campaign X and the LAAX ski resort have developed the “Last Day Pass”, “A ski pass for the day that will hopefully never come”.

The “Last Day Pass” campaign even makes it possible to save the Vorab Glacier from the comfort of your sofa at home. The pass, crafted from wood in LAAX, is available online in the webshop as well as in the INSIDE LAAX app for CHF 80 since 15 December. Proceeds from the sale of each wooden pass sold will make it possible to offset 1,000 kg of CO2, and thus postpone the last day on the glacier by ten minutes.

All proceeds from the sale go to the Greenstyle Foundation and are used for regional climate protection projects. The Greenstyle Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development and protection of the environment in the region around LAAX. It came into being through a cooperation between the Weissen Arena Group, the operating company behind the LAAX winter sports region, and committed people and companies from the Flims-Laax-Falera region.


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