Toiletries Amnesty launches unique fundraising project for hygiene poverty

As the interest in second-hand clothes and accessories surges, Toiletries Amnesty has come up with a unique way to give broken or unwanted jewellery a brand new lease of life.

A social, ethical and environmental organisation, Toiletries Amnesty works to relieve hygiene poverty and stop products from going to waste. More people than ever are living in hygiene poverty and that figure only looks set to increase amid the current cost of living crisis. In a bid to help those in need, Toiletries Amnesty has come up with a unique fundraising idea – repurposing broken and unwanted jewellery.

What was once deemed worthless has been transformed into something new and completely unique. Just as the Japanese mend pottery with gold (Kintsugi), putting something back together can make it more beautiful, powerful, and inspirational.

The first collection of bracelets have all been made by women from the charity Feather’s Futures who have been supported through the work of Toiletries Amnesty. Money raised from the sale of these bracelets will go into supporting those in need, and so the cycle of kindness continues. With a little bit of love and care, that which is broken can be remade into something even better than before. 

Jo Critch, founder of Feather’s Futures says “The ladies involved in making the bracelets were keen to be part of the project as they had used our toiletries bank and wanted to give something back. They know that many of our donations come via Toiletries Amnesty and know the difference having toiletries and sanitary products makes to their well-being. The group met up each week, none had made jewellery before, so they supported each other to create the bracelets from the recycled beads.”

People are invited to browse the collection at the Toiletries Amnesty shop

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