Toiletries Amnesty unveils new look and outlines plans amid cost of living crisis.

Toiletries Amnesty has unveiled a brand new website as they prepare to step up the support they can offer amid the ongoing cost of living crisis.

A social, ethical and environmental organisation, Toiletries Amnesty works to relieve hygiene poverty and stop products from going to waster. Karen Harvey, founder of Toiletries Amnesty says “We work with companies all over the world, creating positive and practical solutions for the problems they have around waste and sustainability, whilst connecting them with communities and consumers who want to see a change for good. We want to support as many organisations as possible – there’s no fee to use our directory, there’s no waiting list, and everything is designed to be as easy as possible so that people can get the essentials they need.”

The team is proud to reveal a brand new look and improved website functionality, making it easier than ever for people to donate and for organisations to receive donations via the directory. There are currently more than 420 directory members, including homeless shelters, women and children’s refuges, mental health services and refugee support groups. There is also a new Donation Station, making it simple for companies to donate and divert their excess stock from landfill into the hands of those in need. 

More people than ever are living in hygiene poverty and that figure only looks set to increase as everyday expenses soar, including energy bills, fuel and groceries. In a bid to tackle the cost of living crisis, Toiletries Amnesty has devised a strategy to increase the financial support it relies on, including creating a Supporters Package in order to build mutually beneficial relationships with corporate sponsors. They are encouraging organisations from all and any industries to get in touch to discuss becoming financial supporters.

Speaking of the crisis, Karen Harvey says “We are seeing more and more people being plunged into poverty; the situation is desperate, and for those who want to help it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start. Start with us. Share your spare toiletries, tell your friends and colleagues, spare a few quid if you can, tweet your favourite brands and ask them to get onboard in helping us end hygiene poverty. Small actions create big change, and we can do this together – for our neighbours and for the planet.”

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