VML launch provocative “Lessons From My Neighborhood” Campaign

VML and Kansas City Youth Ambassadors have launched a provocative digital campaign, titled “Lessons From My Neighborhood.”  The aim of the campaign is to show potential donors what life is like for some underpriveleged American children who may face poverty, murder and drugs as part of everyday life. The campaign aims to show that the issues are clear – but most people ignore them.

The video’s are made to look like they are child appropriate and are based on stories told by kids, and look like they wouldn’t be out of place on Sesame Street until you listen to their lessons.


The work features muppet-style characters in what appears to be children’s videos. But, the series of three videos actually features hard-hitting topics facing inner-city children like gun violence, hunger and drugs.  It follows the same theme of, “If we can’t let children watch these, how can we let children live like this?”

1 in 3 inner city kids suffer from PTSD as opposed to 1 in 5 veterans. Unlike soldiers, inner-city youth never leave the combat zone. Constant exposure to trauma suffocates opportunities to heal. 

Youth Ambassadors who grow up in violent neighborhoods write, draw and paint as part of the healing process. Each song was adapted from these creative works, creating a circle of healing that starts and ends with the kids.

Thsi work for nonprofit Youth Ambassadors is sequel to work last year that went on to win five Cannes Lions.  






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