My Favourite 10 Charity/Non-Profit/Ethical Campaigns of November 2017

These are my top 10 favourite Non-Profit, Ethical or Charity Campaigns of the previous Month. This Month – November 2017.

10. UNICEF launched a new social media campaign, designed by VML called ‘Furniture that Hides from hurting’. The campaign includes videos of unsuspecting parents in a shop being introduced to a new line of furniture called ‘Furniture that Hides from Hurting.’ This is a shocking ad in many ways but definitely an important one.

Unicef Launch ‘Furniture that Hides from Hurting’ Campaign

9. In 2016, the world lost one of the great entertainers, Gene Wilder, to Alzheimer’s disease.  In November the Alzheimer’s Association unveiled the Pure Imagination Project, a campaign encouraging people to learn more about the disease and join the efforts to fulfill the organization’s vision of a world without Alzheimer’s. as a far of Gene Wilder this appealed on many levels.

Alzheimers Association launch Pure Imagination Campaign

8. SheSays launched a new campaign called #51days51ways. According to a report from the Guardian, from Friday November 10th every woman in the UK will work for free until the end of year due to the current pay gap. This Campaign highlighted that inequality, and highlights the gender pay gap.  This is something I feel is important to highlight and this campaign did just that.

She Says Launches #51days51ways Campaign to Showcase Equality Issues

7. London advertising Fold7 partnered with breast cancer health & education charity CoppaFeel! to encourage women to #TrustYourTouch when it comes to checking their boobs and being aware of any unusual changes. With many forms of cancer on the rise it is important to be highlighting these checks which can help save a life.

Fold7 and CoppaFeel! encourage women to get to know their boobs

6. Casey House, Canada’s first and only stand-alone hospital for people living with HIV/AIDS, launched a new campaign, Break Bread Smash Stigma, launched Canada’s first-ever HIV+ eatery. Toronto-based creative agency Bensimon Byrne created the campaign with PR support from its sister company, Narrative.  The HIV eeatery was only open for a few days but was a huge success and sold out, but was also a powerful campaign to highlight the way people with HIV/AIDS are often treated.

Casey House Launches First-Ever HIV+ Eatery in Toronto to Bring Awareness of Stigma

5. To support this tyear’s Poppy Day, the British Legion launched a new campaign to encourage people to Rethink Remembrance. They did this by re-creating John McCrae’s famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ in seven locations. The Campaign also hopes to encourage people not just to Rethink Remembrance  but also to consider the meaning of the poppy as a symbol both of Remembrance and hope for the Armed Forces community, past and present. The Poppy Day campaigns are an integral part of UK life and its great to see them still going strong.

British Legion introduces modern take on ‘In Flanders Fields’ for 2017 Poppy Appeal

4. Madison Avenue Social launched a important cause-campaign designed to illuminate the collaboration between Cross Pens, Liberty United and their work with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois.  The Campaign using the idea of “Transform a Gun.  Transform a Life,” was a social media campaign which raises awareness of a joint program that helps transform the remnants of confiscated illegal guns and ammunition into handcrafted Cross X Liberty United Collector’s Edition Pens. The initiative aims to shift cultural mindset and encourage the creation of writing instruments as weapons, in the fight for peace against gun violence on US city streets.  Liberty United then donates 20% of profits to fund safety and education for at risk children growing up with the threat of gun violence.  With the church shooting in Texas in November coming just after the Las Vegas shooting I can’t help but feel these kind of campaigns are more important than ever.

Madison Avenue Social Launches Cross Pens Campaign to Help Fight for Peace Against Gun Violence;

3. The Killer was an innovative campaign utilising the techniques of a modern horror narrative to  raise awareness of the plight of the homeless by the Spitalfields Crypt Trust. This one appealed in many ways, from the design iof the advertising to the video itself it marked a really interesting way to showcase what some homel;ess people have to go through.

The Killer 360˚ video released to showcase plight of the homeless

2. International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women marked a number of different campaigns but the primary one I want to concentrate on was by JWT, JWT placed a physical orange line through Covent Garden – starting at the Apple store and weaving around the main arcade.  The line had examples of the type of Violence they are trying to wipe out written on it. This was a powerful image which brought great attention to the campagn which was fronted by a number of celebrities including Benedict Cumberbatch and Billie Piper. This mrked a collaboration between UN Wiomen and JWT and was also the start of the masively important UN 16 Days of Activism. This was a slick campaign that highlighted a great message and had great celebrity name recognition, all very important, it also had a serious message that did not get lost – as well as launching 15 days of activism – and this culd easily have been my number one campaign this month.

JWT #DrawALine for UN Women UK

And finally number 1…

1. The Wayback is a virtual reality film series designed to help those living with Alzheimer’s and their carers. The free to use resource harnesses the power of the latest Virtual Reality technology, allowing those living with the condition to fully immerse themselves in moments of the past. There is much I like about this iniative, the use of tecnology to help Alzheimer’s is really ingenious, and the use of VR to help stimulate memories is a great idea. This iniative was developed with advice from leading experts in dementia care, ‘The Wayback’ is designed to stimulate memories and take viewers back to a time when they didn’t have the degenerative disease. It’s a bit different, harnesses cutting edge technology and could be the start of something a bit different. It was tough to decide on this and JWT’s line, but in the end my fascination with gadgets won out, but both are stunning campaigns.

VR helps dementia sufferers by transporting them back in time

These were mine, I hope you enjoyed them and in January I will do not only December’s Campaigns but my top 10 favourites of the year. I look forward to any comments.





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