World’s largest PR professional body condemns disinformation report

Following media reports concerning alleged disinformation spread by the Eswatini Government, the Association that expelled Bell Pottinger from its membership -the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA)– has condemned the behaviour in the strongest possible terms.
Having recently launched its Africa Network in March with Edelman Africa and Middle East CEO Jordan Rittenberry as its Chair, the world’s largest PR professional body is calling for stronger ethical compliance across the continent’s PR industry.
PRCA Director General Francis Ingham MPRCA said:
“It’s entirely unacceptable for PR professionals to act unethically and spread harmful disinformation, especially amid political turmoil. These allegations bring the PR industry into disrepute and damage trust in our profession at a critical time. Our industry has never valued ethical practice more than now, so it’s right to call out malpractice when we see it.
 PRCA Africa Chair Jordan Rittenberry MPRCA said:
“The PRCA Africa Network places huge importance on protecting ethical standards in PR and communications. Although there are often no easy answers when confronting ethics in the real world, our primary focus moving forward is to bring ethics to the top of the agenda and challenge the wider industry to take a lead in building a better world. I urge all practitioners to join us in our mission to raise professional standards across Africa.”
For more information about the PRCA Africa Network, please read here.

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