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Would you like to get your product or service to over 15,000 targeted people a month with an interest in Ethical Marketing or Ethical Products ?

Over the past month we have received over 17,500 visitors, each with over 3 impressions each, our monthly impressions are over 60,000. This figure is rising each month.

We have a number of options open to anyone who would like to advertise on our page.

We do not have a set price for people who might wish to advertise on the site so please get in touch whatever your budget we might be able to help you.

It helps everyone if our ads are full so instead of us telling you what should pay, if the ad is empty make us an offer per week on what your budget can afford. At busier times we will charge more to cover costs but it’s still worth making an offer.

Please fill in the form below or contact us on

Every advert will help keep the site running.

 Ad Size
 Ad Placement  Weekly Cost
240 x 172
Front Page £neg
728 x 90
400 x 229 Sidebar £neg
300 x 171 Footer 1 £neg
300 x 171 Footer 2 £neg
300 x 171 Footer 3 £neg


Please put your offer and tick the ad or ads you would like - each offer will be per ad , per week


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