CIPR NE Women in PR event series: Leadership coaching – mind reading for mugs

Enjoy an interactive workshop delivered by The Leadership Confidence Coach, Sharon MacArthur, of Red Handbag, the second of four in the CIPR North East’s Women in PR series.

This series of events has been developed for both men and women in response to research revealing that while women hold up to 85 per cent of all PR jobs, the majority of senior leaders continue to be men, as well as some of the potential reasons for this.

This group coaching conversation, guided by Sharon as a critical friend, will help men and women alike see results in their confidence as leaders in as little as an hour. By the end of the morning session, you’ll have a clear understanding of your goals, along with what and how you’re going to achieve them, and the confidence to do it. You’ll have the tools and the ability to move forward as a leader, regardless of gender.

Breakfast included.

Other events in the series, taking place between October 2017 and June 2018, will include a panel discussion into inspiration and aspiration to mark International Women’s Day, and address how to create a workplace culture that allows and empowers women to succeed.

Tickets are available here:


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