Co-op Food’s Mother’s Day campaign helps daughter surprise her mum

Co-op Mothers

The Co-operative’s new ad for Mothers Day stars real-life mum and daughter June and Emma.  The strapline for the campaign is “Make your Mother’s Day”,  and it’ll be supported by digital display, social media, press, out of home and in-store activity. 

The ad was devised by Co-op and the agency Forever Beta.

Jemima Bird, Customer Director at Co-op, said: “We know that what mums really care about is spending quality time with their family and food plays such an important role in this. Whether it be a family meal or baking, food is a great reason to get everyone together and we want to encourage consumers to think about what is special to their mum.

“Co-op has both quality products available conveniently to really make Mother’s Day personal for every mum.”

As part of its digital execution, a mum was moved by an emotional video to create a truly special Mother’s Day. The home movies had been converted into digital format after June’s daughter, Emma, aged 53, stood out following a series of on street interviews which were carried out in London asking “how you plan to make your mum’s day on Mother’s Day?”

The digital ad for the community retailer shows Emma plan “the best Mother’s Day ever”. The footage includes searching the loft for old family films, visiting a specialist film shop, and the grand finale of turning her mum’s front room into a cinema and gathering the family together for the special showing.

The film, which features the strapline: “Make your Mother’s day” is prompted by the idea that Mother’s Day is more than just a day to receive conventional gifts.



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