Co-op introduces white eggs to support 100% free range offer

Co-op supports 100% free range commitment with the introduction of British white eggs across its 2,400 convenience stores from this week.

The leading convenience retailer – one of the first UK supermarkets to ban caged eggs and move to only source British free-range eggs in 2008 – will now sell both white and brown eggs after extending its supply base in ongoing efforts to champion the best of British and support its higher welfare commitment.


The move by Co-op sees the hen breed – Lohmann LSL – known for their welfare, longer laying cycles and increased feed utilisation, added to its supply pool.

The white eggs will represent around 10% of Co-op’s entire egg supply at launch, with the ambition to move to 30% by year three.


Mark Kempsell, Co-op Agricultural Specialist, said: “We know our member owners and customers care about where their food comes from and that’s why we’re proud of this next step in welfare following our commitment to sell 100% free range eggs across our stores – this is part of our ongoing commitment to champion the best of British all year around, and we’re thrilled this will be further supported by our long-term plan to roll out white eggs.”

All Co-op eggs are sourced from farms that are RSPCA assured and carry the British Lion Quality Mark. Co-op committed to sourcing only free-range shell eggs in 2008 and extended this commitment to all eggs used as an ingredient in own-brand products in 2010.

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