Episode 5 of CIPR’s Engage Podcast out now; Strategic Communicators

“As communicators, we find it highly frustrating when we get to tactics first before we’ve considered what the purpose of what we’re trying to achieve is, and what we expect to measure and the behavioural change that we expect to see as a result…So, tactics first, never. Strategy first, always.”

James Powell, head of group communications at Irwin Mitchell

The new episode of CIPR’s quarterly ‘Engage’ podcast is out now and explores the issue of strategic communications; what it is, why it’s important, and how to do it.

Hosted by Sarah Pinch, Managing Director of Pinch Point Communications and former President of the CIPR, the latest episode – ‘Strategic Communicators’ – explores what it means to be a strategic communicator and a professional, how communicators are elevating themselves in response of the pandemic, and the challenges of ensuring communications is seen as a strategic management discipline.

Joining Sarah are;

  • Alex Aiken, executive director at the UK Government Communications Service (GCS)
  • James Powell, head of group communications at Irwin Mitchell

Thanks again to each of our incredible guests for contributing their thoughts and expertise to this discussion. PR and comms professionals are often called upon in times of crisis but during the pandemic we’ve seen boards come forward and ask for interventions and advice in ways that have never happened before. As this episode highlights, we have a unique opportunity to reinforce the value we bring to our organisations, clients and to be seen as a strategic discipline.

However, as Sarah, Alex and James explore, the responsibility of achieving this sits with each of us and requires an investment in our own professionalism so that how we are perceived and what we do, are brought closer together.  

Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board


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