Episode 7 of CIPR’s Engage Podcast out now; the current state of public affairs

The latest episode of CIPR’s quarterly ‘Engage’ podcast is out today and it explores the topic of lobbying and the current state of the UK’s public affairs industry.  

Hosted by Chair of the CIPR Public Affairs Group, Max Sugarman, this episode looks at how recent political scandals have contributed to an erosion of public confidence and trust in government and politicians with an expert panel of guests offering thoughts on how this can be addressed.  

Joining host Max Sugarman are guests;  

  • Rachael Clamp, founder and director of Ardesey Ltd 
  • Peter Geoghan, editor-in-chief of openDemocracy 
  • Andy Sawford, managing partner and co-owner of the Connect Group 

Political scandals and standards in public life matter. Governments can only govern with public trust and damaging that trust has consequences. From David Cameron to Owen Paterson, big political stories last year concerned the conduct of our current and former parliamentarians. It was standards in public life, of the lack of them, that eventually brought down Boris Johnson. 

The relationship between lobbyists and politicians in this discussion is a vital one and one we explore in this episode. A big thank you to Max, Rachael, Peter and Andy for this fascinating chat on the importance of accountability and transparency in lobbying and the role it can play in rebuilding public confidence in our political institutions.

Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board


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