FAIR Launches Spanish and English Ad Campaign Highlighting Amnesty Efforts Amid Historic Border Crisis

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) launched a major targeted Spanish and English digital ad campaign this week highlighting misguided amnesty efforts amid the Biden Border Crisis. This is happening in the wake of new data showing the political shifts in Hispanic voting preferences. 

“Congressional Democrats are still pushing for the largest amnesty in American history amid a border crisis triggered by President Biden, and it’s serving no one, including Hispanic Americans who are increasingly showing their independence through shifting voting patterns,” said Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

Despite the nation witnessing a record number of border apprehensions this past year, Congressional Democrats have made concerted efforts to inject an irresponsible and unbalanced amnesty plan into a massive budget reconciliation bill while stridently working to gut immigration enforcement agencies at the same time. If passed in the Senate, the package as it currently stands, would provide some 7 million illegal aliens with amnesty, which would be the largest in American history.

“Rewarding lawbreakers, while cutting funding for border security and immigration enforcement, is a disaster waiting to happen and will have detrimental impacts on all Americans— and Hispanic voters need to hear all sides of this issue,” continued Stein.

“This campaign is really in response to Hispanic community needs that have been outright ignored by those in power here in Washington. A number of recent polls indicate that Democrats are losing large numbers of Hispanic support over their party’s immigration policies. Hispanic voters deserve strong border controls, immigration enforcement, and a restoration of the rule of law as do all Americans,” said Stein.

The ad asks voters to express their opposition to the intentionally created border chaos now happening in America. It is running in Texas and Arizona, with room for probable expansion. The ad can be found here, and the English version may be found here.

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