#FuturePRoof 4: An uplifting look at BME talent

The fourth edition of #FuturePRoof has been published celebrating BAME talent.

Following a crowdsourced model characteristic of the #FuturePRoof series, its aim is to reassert public relations as strategic management function and make best practice available to all.
Topics range from audience targeting, social media, partnership working, reputation, pitching to radio and community building through to public affairs, internal comms, leadership, coaching and the psychology of decision-making,
A piece on media diversity provides an important view on what happens when journalists don’t represent the communities they serve, while two further chapters deliver excellent insight into how to hire and nurture diverse talent.
The book concludes with a chapter on COVID-19, purpose and PR, looking at how 2020 has ushered in a new era for strategic public relations.
Teaming with smart thinking and advice from in house and agency practitioners, academics, journalists and recruiters, this particular #FuturePRoof book also shines a light on the systemic issues underpinning racism in the workplace and provides guidance for those keen to stamp this out.
#FuturePRoof founder and editor Sarah Waddington said:

“This was never meant to be a book about ‘black issues’, which are in fact cultural and societal issues, not black or BME – just like pay inequality isn’t a women’s issue. This was always to be a forward-thinking look at best practice within public relations, with the purpose of reasserting PR’s value to business.
“Where contributors asked if they could write from a racial diversity and inclusivity standpoint, that was in their gift. And I’m glad some of the amazing authors took that decision. Every single contributor has done a brilliant job and I’m grateful to them for sharing their expertise.”
Rax Lakhani, CMPRCA, Chair of the PRCA’s Diversity Network, said:

“In its fourth volume, #FutureProof succeeds in employing an optimistic lens to focus our attention on the stark reality of our industry’s poor record on racial and ethnic diversity.

“This anthology of essays demonstrates beyond any doubt the abundance of BAME talent that is prevalent within our profession and it is reassuring to see issues of race, ethnicity and cultural diversity being given the prominence and urgency they clearly deserve.”

Chair of the CIPR’s Diversity and Inclusion Network, Avril Lee, said:

“#FuturePRoof 4 speaks to the exciting, innovative and exceptional talent of BAME PR professionals and it shows that our industry can only flourish by embracing diversity and challenging the status quo.
“Now is the time to celebrate BAME talent – and more importantly, now is the time to progress and reward it equally.”
Dr Martina Topić, Senior Lecturer in Public Relations, Leeds Business School, commented:

“Sarah Waddington’s #FuturePRoof 4 celebrating BME talent provides plenty of real-life examples of BAME practitioners sharing experiences on how racism and lack of recognition of diversity influenced their career progress and their daily lives. It is as heart breaking as it is useful for informing future research and policy changes.”
#FuturePRoof 4 is dedicated to Elizabeth Bananuka for her work on BME PR Pros and The Blueprint diversity mark.
The authors are Advita Patel, Alicia Solanki, Andrea Ttofa, Annique Simpson, Anouchka Burton, Arvind Hickman, Asif Choudry, Evadney Campbell, Harriet Small Okot, Joanna Abeyie, Julian Obubo, Katrina Marshall, Katy Howell, Koray Camgöz, Mita Dhullipala, Nathalie Abiodun, Rohan Shah, Trudy Lewis and Zaiba Malik.
While the book can be purchased at cost via Blurb and on the Kindle, a chapter a day will also be released via the #FuturePRoof blog and shared via @weareproofed.

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