Guest Post by Space City Productions: MP: Review requested to reform advertising

This is a guest post from Space City Productions where they talk about having spoken to MP For South Northamptonshire, Andrea Leadsom,  who has told them that a review has been requested to improve advertising and how it reflects society.

MP: Review requested to reform advertising

With more than £239 billion-a-year lost to a lack of reflective advertising, the Lord President of the Council, Andrea Leadsom MP has revealed that work has begun to expedite improvement.

MP For South Northamptonshire, Andrea Leadsom, has told Space City that a review has been requested to improve advertising and how it reflects society.

The Leader of the House of Commons responded to the UK’s most prolific producers of TV commercials after a request for comment on the matter.

Having previously revealed the economic deficit, reflective to the failings in representation, which exceed £250 billion in the UK alone, some form of self-regulation, quota or directive that would benefit the wider economy and social mobility has been suggested.

Therefore, in the wake of Leadsom’s response, the issue has been formally acknowledged by Parliament and is set to be reviewed by Matt Hancock MP, Minister of State for Digital, during 2018.

The Lord President of Council was keen to expedite a solution in order for advertising and society as a whole to improve. She said: “I am grateful to you for bringing this important matter to my attention.

“I entirely appreciate and understand your concerns, and I note what you say about economic deficit through a lack of reflective advertising.

“I hope that we receive a helpful and positive response shortly – I have urged Mr Hancock to respond at his earliest convenience and conduct an immediate review into this matter.”

With ministerial awareness of the issue, the prospects of a more reflective advertising sphere have been boosted inexorably.

Although the economic benefits to the UK are irrefutable, the social improvements too will be stark in boosting social mobility.

The level of participation of those who are disabled for example, is disproportionate with those who are not – in terms of economic and social participation.

Although 20% of the population has a disability of some kind, only 0.06% of those acting in or producing ads are disabled.

The statistics are replicated when looking at the participation of those from an LGBT background too – although numbers within society itself are less.

According to the disability charity, Scope, 75% of those who are disabled do not participate economically with society because of poor treatment and lack of awareness.

While the Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire cannot initiate an enquiry singularly, with the help of Matt Hancock MP, the two most pivotal members of Parliament are aware of the perennial issue that could stimulate an inert economy.

Being the Lord President of the Council, Leadsom presides over all the latest motions read and debated in Parliament, with a new advertising motion possible with her intervention.

Besides the aforementioned MP, myriad Rt Hon members were contacted from the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, but none wished to comment on the matter raised by Space City.

In a bid to encourage more reflective advertising omni-industry, the IPA has launched the Diversity Hub, which is aimed at improving awareness of the issue and encourage organic change.

However with a lack of actual change ubiquitously, Space City has sought to solicit Parliament directly in order to expedite change; improving sales success for business, while enhancing mental and physical wellbeing through interaction.

As a result of ministerial backing, the economic and social benefits can be expedited regardless of whether the matter is ultimately read – through internal awareness and leverage.

At the time of writing, no comment has yet been forthcoming from the aforementioned Minister of State for Digital, with both Space City and Andrea Leadsom seeking a positive response in due course.


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Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, working with myriad businesses to improve advertising inclusion, which delivers long-term sales increases.

This article was written by, and is (c) Space City Productions. All opinions, recommendations and views expressed in this article are solely those of Space City Productions. This post originally appeared on the Space City Productions Website.

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