Meta to withdraw fundraising products from EEA this summer

Meta will withdraw its fundraising products from the European Economic Area (EEA) on July 1, it has announced, meaning charities will no longer have access to them from this date.

The last day a donor will be able to make a donation on Facebook or Instagram to benefit a charity in the European Economic Area will be 30 June.

In a post on its site, Meta says that from July 1, charities will need to direct users to their respective websites for fundraising purposes instead of using fundraising products on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Fundraisers and Donate buttons on posts and pages will no longer be supported in the region, with all active fundraisers ending automatically and donate buttons being disabled. The Fundraiser API, and Facebook Donate Ads will also no longer be supported, and charities will no longer have access to Charity Manager, or past data from the features it provides.

In the post announcing the change, it says that it “remains committed to supporting nonprofits by connecting people to the causes they care about”, and that this year, it is “evolving our approach to help more nonprofits reach more donors”.

In addition, Meta’s Social Impact team is exploring new approaches to drive more donations to more charities “via their fundraising platform of choice”. One option being testing is for charities to use the Page Donate Button to link users to their website so users can donate directly. It is also exploring ways to make links to charity fundraisers more compelling to help charities engage more users.

More information on the changes is available on the Meta site.

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