Milk & Honey PR launches new offer with the Purpose Academy, a one-stop destination for brands seeking sustainable ambitious growth

Milk & Honey PR has launched its new purpose offer, embarking on an ambition to go beyond purpose-led storytelling to support more brands with purposeful action that nurtures reputations. A new specialised purpose offer will blend climate- and culture-connected creativity and consultancy to deliver positive change with impact, helping organisations of all sizes achieve sustainable ambitious growth.

This model will be offered to current retainer clients, encouraging them to rewire their business model to create a blueprint for how they can combine sustained growth with a purpose agenda. The purpose offer will be led by Fiona Gildea, Partner for Strategy & Purpose, at Milk & Honey PR.

The launch of its new offer will work with Milk & Honey PR’s established Purpose Academy. The programme was set up last year to offer B Corp start-ups, NGOs and charities the chance to benefit from professional communications consultancy to help propel them forward.

As of today, the Purpose Academy will roll out in a commercial capacity, positioning the agency as a one-stop destination for purpose-led communications, consultancy, advice on B-Corps best practice and integration. In the longer term, Milk & Honey PR will also support clients to set and track against ESG targets and find sustainable solutions for climate-related challenges. This ultimate ambition will blend data and storytelling with purpose-led innovation, to transform organisations and individuals into change agents. 

A number of products are due to launch under the Purpose Academy this year, including our H.I.V.E methodology which launched in April, Milk & Honey PR’s proprietary product that helps clients to find or rediscover and activate their purpose. 

H.I.V.E. allows organisations to Harness the energy of their heritage and origins to establish where their purpose fits and assess the risks and rewards of this approach; Ignite their purpose via identifying the correct issue(s) to tackle, Verify their purpose-led mission via a long-term ambition and Evolve their purpose through a pilot and pivot approach. 

Other purpose products in development include:

  • BUZZ – brave, ethical planet positive storytelling and culture change to empower people inside and outside your organisation to action.
  • NAVIGATE – understanding your ESG footprint and how to rewire your brand or business for sustainable, ambitious growth.
  • SWARM – connect with partners to scale your positive impact and innovate for profit with purpose.

Milk & Honey PR was one of the first five marketing and communications agencies in Europe to achieve B Corp status, an accreditation given to companies following the highest possible social, ethical and environmental standards.

Fiona Gildea, Partner said: “For us, purpose is the reason a brand or business exists. It’s beyond just making profit; it’s about creating a positive impact for the future, without causing harm to people and the planet. While they remain important, we want to go beyond delivering brave and socially ethical campaigns. The reality is that climate needs to be higher up the agenda. We’ve run out of time for short-term, quick fixes. We need to focus on long term strategies that embed purpose into the fabric of as many organisations as possible in the next ten years.

Often, brands and businesses want to embark upon this journey but don’t know   where to start. This new offer will make us perfectly equipped to help take them on that journey, without compromising their commercial ambitions or ESG commitments.”

Kirsty Leighton, CEO of Milk & Honey PR said: “With everything we do as an agency, we lead by example. We know what it means to push ourselves to do better and prove that good business is good business. In 2019, we achieved our B Corp status and achieved plastic neutrality. In 2020, we gained accreditation to Investors in People and carbon neutrality. For us, these achievements are the baseline, not the end goal. We want to spread this purpose ambition to our clients, offering a bespoke guide on how to merge growth targets, ESG targets and a commitment to doing more as a better business.”

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