Milk & Honey PR research shows businesses strive to be a force for good

Industry leaders committed to protecting people, purpose and planet
Research commissioned by London based Milk & Honey PR shows that an overwhelming number of businesses believe that they should be a “force for good”. The survey, conducted by The Pulse Business, received responses from clients and communications specialists about their attitudes towards business and its role in wider society.
The research, carried out at the end of June 2020 to support Milk & Honey’s People, Purpose, Planet report, posed a single question: “do you think every company should use their business as a force for good?” 
More than three quarters of respondents agree that their businesses should, or should strive to be, forces for good in their communities. Despite an extremely difficult 2020 business environment, no business stated that this aspiration is “unrealistic”.

– More than half (55%) replied with an unequivocal yes to the survey question
– A further 23% state that, at the very least, their companies should try their best to be a force for good
– Around one in six (16%) see a company’s role as to identify what it can and cannot do — and stick to this

Many respondents saw good business behaviour as a fundamental of good business practice. Patrick Smith, Executive Director of Tribe Advisory, said, “I think that the onus on companies to act with social responsibility has never been more important. Those that put profit first and foremost are increasingly visible and their reputation, consumer admiration and, ultimately, their sustainability will be increasingly vulnerable.”  

Milk & Honey Founder, Kirsty Leighton, said, “It’s fascinating to see the extremely high levels of awareness and responsibility exhibited within our ecosystem, suggesting that like-minded companies naturally coalesce. It’s an extraordinary result given the realities of working in a pandemic and shows that ‘good business’ principles aren’t abandoned at the first sign of trouble. These results show that businesses are moving from “what can we do about it?” behaviours to “what can we do better?” By questioning every action and improving what we can, business can be a powerful and positive driver of change.”

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