Movements of athletes are captured and turned into art, in campaign to raise funds to the Colombian Special Olympics Team.

Special Olympics is a non-profit international organization that seeks the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through sport. Operating in 175 countries, it impacts around 5 million athletes worldwide. As part of an NGO, each national delegation must seek for its own funding, and in the case of Colombia, this becomes even more difficult due to the lack of sponsors. In order to raise funds, so the country representatives could participate in the next Summer Games of The Special Olympics, McCann Colombia created a fundraising campaign that portrays the talent and hurdle overcoming of the athletes in a truly artistic way.

Named “Road to Frame”, the campaign depicts the athletes’ training routines through motion capture technology, creating four artistic executions, which reproductions where sold in La Feria del Millón (The Million Fair), one of the most renown art fairs in Colombia. 

Samuel Estrada, McCann Colombia general manager and CCO, says: “All piece of art has a great meaning: in the case of those of Special Olympics Colombia, it has to do with training, discipline, dedication, effort and passion, which, when come together, are able to overcome prejudices”.

To give visibility to the initiative and elevate the work sale’s appeal, 4 micro-documentaries showing the art piece’s making-of where produced and broadcasted in social media, in which the athletes invited the audience to visit the art fair and buy the work. By the end of the event, US$ 11.000 where raised, enabling the trip of the 52 athletes to Abu Dhabi.

After participating of the La Feria del Millón, the art works were also displayed in the Polo Championship opening event, being the main attraction of an auction, raising additional US$30.000.

Soon the 4 pieces of art work are to be displayed in MAMBO – Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá.


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