Net Neutrality

Well this week Trump got rid of Net Neutrality in the US, and with that came the fear other countries might follow suit. For a President whose approval ratings are the lowest on record you might have thought he would look at what 83% of US citizens want and consider it might be a good idea, but sadly he seems to be too focussed on undoing Obama’s legacy to look further at the real implications.

For those who don’t know Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites.

Abolishing this allows providers the options to throttle or even charge more for access to rivals sites.

This is of great concern to the marketing industry and the Drum covered it very nicely in this article:

Sadly it seems in the US the president is so determined to destroy Obama’s legacy and cut down Big Government that he is handing the freedom of the internet to big business, then again what more can you expect from a big businessman.

The sad fact of this US Government appears to be a destruction of things there to protect  the worker or the public and replace them with things which wholly benefit big business, and sadly many do not seem to care. I try to be politicall neutral on this blog but if the GOP and Tump genuinely care about what the American people want then they should not be repealling Net Neutrality, the fact they are says to me they’re more interested in what certain businesses want than what the vast majority of people of all political persuasions want.

As marketers we know this is a bad thing, we know that net neutrality helps everyone and I think it’s time we took a stand, as marketers we have the ears and eyes of the world, we can make a difference, and the fact is, despite what I said above, this isn’t a right/left, Democrat/Republican argument, this is something 83% of the US values so as marketers we need to see what we can do to inform the people and the President that people should be heard, and that this is a bad idea, we can do it, we can make a difference, everyone from throughout the industry needs to look at moving forward and pushing for net neutrality.

Any ideas on what we can do? Drop us a line.

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