PRCA announces launch of International Communicators Group

The PRCA is pleased to announce that it is launching its International Communicators Group, providing a forum for practitioners from outside the UK.

The International Communicators Group is a forum for members who have relocated to the UK to further their careers or studies. A regular series of events hosted across the UK will see attendees and panelists tackle topics from building personal networks to sharing best practice from markets across the globe. The Group is chaired by WE’s UK General Manager, Marcus Sorour CMPRCA, who began his career in South Africa before relocating to the UK.

Sorour said: “The PRCA International Communicators Group brings together professionals and students from across the globe to share perspectives, experiences, and best practice. It is an honour to be the founding Chairman of this diverse group as it has been set up to be a forum for meaningful discussion, learning, and networking.”

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said: “Launching a new PRCA Group means that we can better serve our members – and this Group is no exception. I have known Marcus for some time now and I am certain that his energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge will drive this Group to some exciting outcomes.”


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