PRCA Practice Guides launch for PR and communications practitioners

The PRCA is partnering with Emerald Publishing to launch a broad and accessible series of books aimed at the PR and communications industry, covering issues as diverse as digital PR, crisis communications, and agency management.
PRCA Practice Guides are a series of uniquely practical and readable guides, providing PR and communications professionals, new and experienced alike, with hands-on guidance to manage in the field. The series is launching with six books over the coming year, with more planned to join the series.
Written by experienced practitioners who have been there and done it, PRCA Practice Guides offer powerful insights into the challenges of the modern industry and guidance on how to navigate your way through them.

The books are currently available for pre-order and PRCA Members can receive a 30% discount by entering the discount code PRCA on the Emerald website.
Click here to check out the series page on the Emerald website, and to make your orders:
Matt Cartmell MPRCA, Deputy Director General, PRCA, said:

“I’m extremely proud to be launching this range of PRCA Practice Guides, which provides another way for the PRCA to continue raising standards in the PR and communications industry. The Practice Guides take a modern approach to the business book. They are practical, pragmatic, enjoyable to read, and – notably – concise enough for the busy practitioner to digest easily.”
Launching from 13th November, 2018, the Practice Guides will cover:
Digital PR, by Danny Whatmough CMPRCA
Release date: 13th November, 2018
Most people will agree that digital has been a game-changer in marketing and PR. At a time when no-one has all the answers, this book will help PR and communications professionals to understand the areas they need to consider using in digital communications, and the questions they need to ask in order to excel in this new digital age.
Danny Whatmough is a senior professional who has unparalleled experience in digital and social media for PR and communications. He is currently Managing Director, EVP, Integrated Media at Weber Shandwick and is Chairman of the PRCA’s Digital Group.
Crisis Communications Management, by Adrian Wheeler FPRCA
Release date: 3rd December, 2018
This book aims to help PR and communications practitioners prepare for potential crises; to develop a crisis communications strategy and policy for each client; to take steps to be ready and well-prepared; and to handle communication with media and other stakeholders in a calm and professional manner when a crisis occurs.
Adrian Wheeler is a partner in Agincourt Communications and a non-executive director at Liquid, London Communications Agency, and Best Communications in Prague.  He is a Fellow of the PRCA and a PR trainer who teaches clients and consultancies throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Reputation Management: The Future of Corporate Communications and Public Relations, by Tony Langham MPRCA

Release date: 10th December, 2018
This book gives senior executives and communications professionals the arguments to emphasise the importance of reputation – how positively or negatively an organisation is perceived by stakeholders such as employees, customers, Government and members of the media – and inspires their thinking in managing reputation.
Tony Langham is an adviser, entrepreneur and chairman with over 35 years front line experience fighting for the reputations of companies, organisations and Governments. In 1989 he and Clare Parsons co-founded Lansons by re-mortgaging their London flat and taking out a string of credit cards. Tony is still Chief Executive of Lansons, now a leading reputation management consultancy that has been named UK ‘Agency of the Year’ on 17 occasions. 
Writing for the Media, by Adrian Wheeler FPRCA
Release date: 14th January, 2019
This book sets out to help PR and communications people get better results from their media relations, including a better profile in the media, and more pieces of press coverage that reflect positively on your organisation or client.
Adrian Wheeler is a partner in Agincourt Communications and a non-executive director at Liquid, London Communications Agency, and Best Communications in Prague.  He is a Fellow of the PRCA and a PR trainer who teaches clients and consultancies throughout Europe and the Middle East.
Communicating Social and Environmental Issues Effectively, by Betsy Reed MPRCA
Release date: tbc

Communications and marketing professionals around the world are behind the curve in their ability to manage risk and make the most of opportunities to communicate effectively about social and environmental issues. As these issues become more central to business and reputational success, this lack is becoming an increasing problem.
Betsy Reed is a sustainability strategist, engagement expert and communications practitioner. Her broad experience over the past 15 years has seen her oversee the design of Scotland’s national recycling campaign, lead Nestle UK’s public engagement work on sustainability and work at Director level for a range of communications agencies in need of senior-level insights and advice. As the Director of her own consultancy, Big Sky Strategic Communications, Betsy surfs across sectors, working with leaders and communications professionals to help them understand complex social and environmental issues.

Grow, Build, Sell, Live: A Practical Guide to Running and Building an Agency and Enjoying It, by Richard Houghton FPRCA and Crispin Manners FPRCA
Release date: tbc

 If you are thinking about starting your own agency; have started one and hit your first round of growing pains, or are a veteran looking for an exit, this book is for you. In it you’ll find practical and implementable advice and tools to address the day-to-day reality of running a successful agency – with a lot less of the stress and angst that usually goes with it.  
Richard has spent the last 25 years working in PR consultancies, including Fleishman-Hillard, Shandwick and Ketchum and ten years running his own specialist agency.  In his role as Agency Doctor, Richard focuses on helping creative businesses grow.  He is past Chairman of the PRCA and immediate past President of ICCO, and a regular speaker on issues relating to the business of PR. Richard has a monthly column in PRWeek, entitled ‘The Agency Doctor’.
Crispin is CEO of Onva Consulting and Chairman of the Employee Engagement Alliance. He has been Chairman of the PRCA and a Director of the Worldcom PR Group. As CEO of The Argyll Consultancies PLC he led the company to be the fastest growing PR company in the UK in 1991, the No.2 performer over a decade in 1997 and the #5 best PR firm to work at.

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