PRCA welcomes creative industries’ freelance visa proposal

Responding to the House of Lords Communications Committee report, UK advertising in a digital age, the PRCA has welcomed the suggestion of a creative industries’ freelance visa for European Union citizens. Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said:

“Given they represent 5% of the UK PR and communications workforce, 4,000 non-UK EU citizens would naturally welcome the introduction of a creative industries’ freelance visa, and rightly so.

“Not only does it offer them options and flexibility for the future, it would be keenly welcomed by employers who can continue to hire the very best talent.

“While non-UK EU citizens are represented in far greater numbers in other industries, recruiting and retaining strong practitioners is a significant concern across PR and communications. The only barrier to working in our industry should be talent itself, not the colour of your passport.”


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