PRCA welcomes parental leave and maternity pay disclosure Private Members’ Bill

The PRCA has welcomed today’s Private Members’ Bill – introduced by Jo Swinson MP, Deputy Leader, Liberal Democrats – which would require large companies to publish information on their parental leave and maternity pay policies.

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said:

“Equality and fairness in the workplace can be – and should be – driven by transparency. As another meaningful step that enables talented practitioners to make a proper decision about the company they work for, we welcome today’s Private Members’ Bill.

“This Bill develops on one of the important aspects of the gender pay gap discussion and signals precisely where disclosure is headed.

“Organisations – regardless of size – should think critically about how they will respond to today’s cross-party call to action. Those who make the effort early will be rightly recognised.

“Actions, not warm words, make a real difference: as this moves forward, we will be encouraging our industry to put its parental leave and maternity pay policies in the public domain.”



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