The latest Effie UK & Ipsos analysis reveals that quality, independence and enrichment lie at the heart of aspiration today

According to the new report, Evolving Aspirations: Navigating Status, what people find aspirational today is quality over flaunted wealth and seeing themselves as the keepers and drivers of their success. 

The latest volume of the Ipsos and Effie Dynamic Effectiveness series finds that in today’s world of ‘quiet luxury’, audiences prize not only acquiring enough wealth to live a secure and stable life, but also the freedom to enjoy it. It unpicks what this shift in how we perceive success means for marketers, and explains how to communicate and reflect aspiration in campaigns. 

The report also reveals that just 10% of Britons say they like to own or do things that display their wealth, while a significant 70% disagree – and a third strongly oppose it. That said, half of Britons (48%) agree that they often spend extra on higher-quality products. 

Meanwhile, it underscores a desire for autonomy, and reveals that the factors we consider essential to achieving success tend to be internal, such as how we treat others, our ability to work hard, and our innate skills and talents.  

The report also includes examples of Effie-winning campaigns from TUI & Leo Burnett UK, Vodafone & Ogilvy UK and DFS & Pablo London to show how brands have navigated topics like status and success in the real world.  

To read the report click here.

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