Trócaire’s ‘Until Love Conquers Fear’ Xmas Campaign Aims to Empower Us All

Trócaire, the Irish overseas development agency, has launched a striking broadcast advertising campaign, aimed at generating support, by highlighting its work in helping and empowering people across the globe.

A television commercial, built around the concept of, ‘Until Love Conquers Fear’, is one of the first elements in a radical new brand positioning for the charity, which will include a broader omni-channel communications platform. This represents a significant change in the organisation’s approach to engagement and fundraising.

The campaign has been developed by a team led by Gwen Dempsey, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Trócaire, and Mike Garner, Ogilvy & Mather, and Alexis Bouckaert, eightywenty.

The TV commercial, directed by Brian O’Malley of Red Rage Films and produced by Gary Moore, draws inspiration from Trócaire’s new brand manifesto, which has been developed in order to explain Trócaire’s work and inspire action through donations and activism.

The television commercial will be aired on all Irish stations, including Channel 4 in Northern Ireland. A radio version of the commercial will air on national and regional stations from today.

Mike Garner, Ogilvy said, “The Trócaire brand is very familiar to Irish people, it’s part of the fabric of Irish culture. And that’s part of the problem because when people do think about Trócaire its coloured by childhood memories of the Lenten box. And that is a real barrier to understanding the work that these guys do, which is actually pretty heroic.

The new brand manifesto allows us to communicate this reality in an emotionally powerful way. At the same time Ogilvy & Mather and eightytwenty have been working together to create a genuinely omni-channel approach to communications in order to engage people with the full breadth of their activities.

Generally speaking, advertising has been surprisingly slow to pick up on the lessons of neuroscience and behavioural economics, all of which show that human behaviour is driven primarily by emotions. It’s great to have the opportunity to work on a project where this thinking is so central to the strategy.”

Gwen Dempsey, Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Trócaire said, “’Until Love Conquers Fear’ is not a tagline. This is the embodiment of the spirit of Trócaire and everything we stand for. It is an expression of our motivation and what drives us to do what we do. Rather than creating a platform that merely presented the problem and solution. We developed a platform that captures the essence of what Trócaire does through an emotional lens. Our motivation, as a humanitarian and development organisation and as a church agency is, ultimately, love. But a tangible love. Love through action. We believe that fear is the problem and love is the solution.

Trócaire helps millions of people facing poverty, injustice and inequality. They may be facing discrimination, drought, war and disease. The reality facing many is fear, but they are determined to make a better life for themselves. When faced with adversity, the feeling of fear is universal, and it’s an emotion everyone can relate to.

“We are delighted with the new ad and believe it will resonate strongly with the Irish public. As a charity whose mission is to deliver support and aid to those who need it most, we could not have done this without the pro bono efforts and support of photographers, directors, actors and the agency.”


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