UK Government tasks PRCA with delivering No Deal Brexit practical advice

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has been awarded a grant from the UK Government to help public relations businesses prepare for the potential of a No Deal Brexit.

The PRCA will deliver a programme of events and resources by 31st October to help PR professionals navigate the challenges of the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU). This will include legal guidance to ensure PR professionals remain compliant with the law after the UK’s exit.

The grant was approved by the Government’s Business Readiness Fund, which supports efforts by trade associations and others to facilitate Brexit preparations in the business community. 

Renna Markson MPRCA, Engagement Director, PRCA, said: “The prospect of a No Deal Brexit presents Public Relations businesses with an extensive list of logistical challenges. These include the management of personal data across borders to issues facing EU nationals employed by UK agencies. The PRCA will deliver practical information in a clear and digestible format to ensure the industry is as prepared as possible by October 31st.”

Further information on the PRCA’s programme will be available shortly.

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