505 : The 1st unique and free number that uses the universal language of emojis that serves the migrants in the street

In recent years, the number of people living in exile, running away from war, poverty and catastrophes, has significantly increased.

Despite the development of infrastructures to help them carry on with their lives, the language barrier or the lack of information can prevent them from accessing these services. To find trustful information and stay in contact with their relatives, most of them possess a smartphone.

How do you facilitate the access to information, whilst overcoming the language barrier?

To innovate and increase awareness around these services, the association France terre d’asile & Watizat, accompanied by TBWA\Paris, have launched a unique and free WhatsApp number for these people living in exile in Paris. At the heart of the project is a universal language: emojis.

Whatever their needs, a hot meal, warm clothes, a shower: an emoji is enough to obtain the information on the infrastructures close to them delivering these services.

This system relies on a QR code on all communication material or by adding the WhatsApp number to start a conversation. Sending a “health need” emoji will redirect the user to the closest relevant infrastructure. Thanks to the generosity of our partner, Twilio, this system will be financed for years to come. In parallel, thanks to free digital screens in Paris provided by ExterionMedia, we will be able to increase awareness around the project and relay information.

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