Burns & Smiles and TBWA\Paris agency launch “The monster isn’t always the one we think.”

For a burn victim, being in a public place often means being observed, stared at. Their appearance attracts stares that all too often make them feel like a “freak” that is being overwhelmed by all those eyes. And yet…

The monster isn’t always the one we think.

What if the monsters are the ones who stare at these burn victims, stare at them or point at them when they see them, making themselves partly responsible for their isolation ?

Through a poster campaign deployed throughout France in mid-April and also relayed on social networks, the Burns & Smiles association and TBWA\Paris want to denounce, or at least make people think about, the look that burn victims must face as soon as they are in society.

Each of the visuals features a burn victim in an everyday situation, at the supermarket, in the stairwell of a building or in a university auditorium. Each time, the burn victim is in the foreground and dozens of looks, literally eyes, are pointed at him. Looks that destroy the self-confidence that these burn victims are trying to rebuild.

Since 2015, Burns & Smiles has been on a mission to help burn survivors return to a normal life by raising awareness for their cause. This campaign will allow Burns & Smiles to bring this fight to the heart of the public space and embody it through a symbol: the eye. Present for the first time on this campaign, the eye will be used on other communication and information supports.

Together, let’s change the way we look at burn victims.

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