HandsAway and TBWA\Paris: A fragment of nudity doesn’t mean consent

To be a women and never getting harassed in the street is almost a miracle. During those past few years, the floor of speech has opened revealing the reality of sexist remarks or sexual assaults in the public space. 86% of women say they have been victims of street harassment (IFOP, 2018).


In front of agression, support actions are carried out for the victims. Still, too frequently those women assaulted or harassed are held responsible for what happens to them. The debate about the look arises and often ends up winning, justifying what is and must remain unjustifiable.

Facing this plague, the HandsAway association, which fights against gender and sexual violence on the streets and transport, continue his fight. After denouncing the primary mechanisms of some men with his movie « Bande de bites » or highlighting the impact of certain words with « le Poids des mots », this time HandsAway decided to tackle these anti-liberterian ideas.

For this new campaign, HandsAway and its agency TBWA\Paris therefore wanted to praise women freedom.

The desire to wear a tight fitting outfit, a mini-skirt, a plunging-neckline, or to reveal a piece of nudity should not be seen as an invitation as or an element legitimizing an aggression or sexist remarks – as is the case today as these few testimonies posted on Handsaway’s application translate: “I was walking, I was wearing my skirt when a guy driving a car stopped and said to me « Do you give blowjobs ? Dirty whore », « Hey miss, pretty skirt… Yeah bitch” …

The aim of this campaign is to remind people that a woman has the right to dress as she wants and no outfit can justify such words or acts.

This series of picture was taken by Shelby Duncan, an American photographer involved in this fight who notably produced a series entitled ‘Wild Things’ capturing the youth in all the expression of its freedom.

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