My Favourite Posts of the last year

As we approach our first anniversary and because I love me a list I am doing a list of some of my favourite articles/interviews/pieces of last year, these may not always have been the most popular but they are the ones which resonated with me and I think are always worth highlighting again 🙂 These are in no particular order.

Sian is the founder and runner of Ethical Hour which has been growing a lot over the last year and her embrace of the Ethical Community and her ability to unite many different industries within that community is an inspiration for many. This interview was probably the most popular of the articles I’ll showcase and continues to be read widely.

Interview with Sian Conway from #ethicalhour

Speaking of Interviews, my first interview was with Chris Arnold, who was very kind in giving an interview to an unknown site with barely any articles and who is one of the names of ethical marketing. His words were an inspiration in many ways and showed me a lot about the power of ethical marketing, and in also showed me how little I knew about the wider industry. 

Interview with Chris Arnold from Creative Orchestra Advertising

I really liked the concept of humanium, and it was something I hadn’t heard of. It’s a powerful idea which is backed by the benefits of an ethical premise.

Humanium Metal – A Commodity For Peace

The Breath is another thing that fascinated me, another great concept backed by new technology. I will be interested to see what happens with this idea of this.

Could The Breath be the future in billboard advertising?

I love the fact that a company like JWT  have launched something like Female Tribes, and we were lucky enough to get an interview with Rachel Pashley, and I think it’s a great iniative.

J. Walter Thompson London launches Female Tribes Consulting

Saatchi and Saatchi have been one of our early supporters which has been great and I think this is because they have embraced a lot of ethical idea and iniatives, I wanted to include one of their outside collaborations and it was a choice between this one or the new pedestrian crossing they designed.  This is a great use of new technology which could be a game changer.

Direct Line and Saatchi & Saatchi Introduce Fleetlights To Help Save Lives At Sea

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