Precarity and exclusion are a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out. For 3 years, the non-profit organization ENTOURAGE has acted to recreate social link with homeless people. Beyond a real need for food, shelter, money, or clothes, homeless people are mainly looking for consideration and friendship to allow them to regain self-confidence and succeed in breaking the spiral of exclusion.

Everyone knows that a job is the only way out of precarity.

Homeless, all lazy ? Surely not ! Today, 24% of homeless people work. A majority of the rest aspire to find a job and are able to work. « Finding a job could allow me to recover my identity, my self-esteem », told us Mélanie, a past homeless currently looking for a job.


But for that, employers and – beyond – the general public need to change their perception about homeless people. Precarity doesn’t mean they have no skills or desire to succeed. But without network, chances to find a job are close to zero.

This is why ENTOURAGE created the LinkedOut project : a digital platform which allows anyone to share the resume of people in precarity searching for a job and give them an unique visibility and opportunities.

LinkedOut is an extremely simple to use digital platform that brings the spotlight on these people who desperately need a job. By showcasing their resume and giving them the opportunity to show who they really are.

ENTOURAGE worked with TBWA\PARIS on the project and has launched it with twenty candidates. The non-profit believes that each of us is a part of the answer about exclusion : let’s all unite our networks to find work for the twenty candidates and tomorrow for hundreds of them.

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