SCHWEPPES invites to a reflection about respect at night parties

Luisa, Tatiana and Juliana were invited to wear a sensorial dress capable of measuring how much they are harassed by guys touching their bodies in a nightclub in São Paulo.

Created exclusively for the action, the garment was technologically made with several sensors applied to the fabric. As the three women walked through the room and are approached by the men, information were sent via wifi to a control center, recording the amount of touches in each dress. By the end of the night, the conclusion came as a red light: most men continue to approach women without respect. The film “Dress For Respect” is the first action of Schweppes for its new digital platform and was created by the agency Ogilvy Brazil.

“We can no longer ignore harassment. We want to use our brand´s strength to raise awareness around this situation. Through this action, Schweppes wants to invite men to act with respect with women at nightclubs and bars, where the brand is very present”, says Vinicius Limoeiro, Coca-Cola Brazil’s integrated marketing and communications manager.

In 3 hours and 47 minutes of shooting, 157 different kind of touchswere computed, an average of 40 taps per hour. The images-  captured through hidden cameras –  only prove the high frequency of harassment at parties. According to a research made by the NGO “Think Olga”, 86% of Brazilian women have alreadybeen harassed at a night party.


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