TBWA\Paris for AIDES Launches New Campaign for World AIDS Day

While all the tools exist to end the epidemic, more than 6000 new infections occur each year in France. HIV remains a major public health problem in France, and internationally where the epidemic continues to wreak havoc.

At the individual level, people living with the virus still suffer from too much discrimination. The fear of contamination should no longer condition our relationship with HIV-positive people. Today, thanks to the effectiveness of treatments, they can live a normal life and do not transmit the virus anymore !

Nothing sould replace love

That’s the reason why, on December 1st, World AIDS Day, AIDES and TBWA\Paris launch a new awareness campaign and appeal for donations.

“We want to remobilize opinion and call to support the fight of our association against the AIDS virus, but also against hatred and stigmatization. The fight against AIDS has always been a bearer of strong values, especially solidarity. Solidarity with people living with the virus, solidarity with vulnerable people, solidarity with our friend in developing countries” says Aurélien Beaucamp, President of AIDES. 

A short text, two possible readings, the campaign reveals with poetry the importance of preserving love and continuing the struggle, with a new mode of action : the donation by SMS.

The campaign will be broadcast on social networks, press and display.




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