Our Top 10 most popular posts/articles of 2017 from Google Analyics

Just as a bit of fun I thought I’d reflect with our top 10 posts of the year as decided by you via the medium of google analytics. There are a few surprises as the most read posts I think.

10. This is the coverage of a nice campaign and considering it was only posted on the 11thof December made its top 10 place in just 20 days which is quite impressive.

Ogilvy Change Launches New Recycle for London Campaign

9. This is another campaign I really liked, and was secretly very happy to have us retweeted by the National Geographic themselves which may be a reason for the higher views.

National Geographic and OAAA launch endangered species campaign

8. An interesting ad by Dove, and another entry by Ogilvy, highlighting the need for mums to realise there are no perfect mums.

New Baby Dove Campaign states “There are no perfect mums, just real ones”

7. A lot of what I do is regurgitating press releases, so I was pleased to see this piece of writing I did make the top 10.

Six ways you can make your marketing more ethical

6. I am pleased this made the top 10, Sian has been a supporter of this site since I first launched, and as a marketer herself that support means a lot, she is also the creator and defacto guru of #EthicalHour, which has also been a great supporter, and has also grown a lot in the last year, a marketer who is doing something ethical and interesting, please check this out if you haven’t already.

Interview with Sian Conway from #ethicalhour

5. When you’re looking for easy, slightly lazy content without much research, a top 10 is fun and often gets you more hits than a usual post… *whistles innocently*

10 of my favourite Ethical Ads

4. I think just having the word Lego in the title gets you more hits.

Lego Group Leads Global Ranking Of Best CSR Reputation

3. I was pleased to see this story in the top 5 as it’s nice to see someone from within the industry trying something new and interesting.

Former Ad Exec Launches Well Told Health

2. There was a number of Movember posts this year but this one garnered the most interest.

The Burger King Shaves His Mustache for Movember Campaign

1. This isn’t one I particularly expected to be number 1, so it just shows you never can tell…

Durex donates 1 Million condoms to UNAIDS and encourages 18–24 year olds to “Be a #CondomHero” by carrying protection


An interesting top 10, there are a few I thought might make the top 10 but didn’t such as our Moomin post, or our post on Monica Lweinsky’s campaign both of which were just outside the top 10.

Next week I will do my countdown of my favourrite campaigns of last year.


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