Tragedies bring out the best in companies

It’s been a rough week for some following Hurricane Harvey, but it’s nice to see some companies doing their bit. It’s at times of tragedy that companies find themselves in a position to help, and whilst they’re helping others it also works as marketing to show the softer and more human side of multinationals.

AirBNB have encouraged people to open their homes:

It’s also not just Hurricane Harvey they’ve been tackling this week they have done something similar in India, where there is flooding in Mumbai:

The Drinks industry are sending canned water to those most in need:

The communication industry has stepped up to offer reduced or free calls for those in the area:

Paypal is removing its cut of any monies donated to relief efforts:

Supermarkets have joined the effort giving both financial donations and donations of goods:

It’s great to see so many companies doing what they can to help those in need, especially nice to see Airbnb doing similar work in Mumbai. It’s a great thing for companies to help out, not only is it the right thing to do but like all ethical marketing, it also shows a positive image for the companies involved.

Doing the right thing is a marketing tool in itself and is a great way to not only showcase yourselves as an ethical concern but it also gives people something to remember.

Being charitable and helping out those in need not only is good for those you are helping it also lets people see that you are doing what you can and that is what people remember, so don’t forget helping and doing the right thing is positive marketing for you as well.

The thoughts of everyone at EMN is with those who have suffered as a result of both Hurricane Harvey and the floods in Mumbai.

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